Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pasta Ispini

This is a recipe my husband created..& I can promise you its delicious as with all of his cooking ventures.
                                                              2 Organic Italian Sausages
                                                          half a punnet of cherry tomatoes

                                                             1 yellow pepper (Capsicum)
                                                               6 spring onions chopped   
                                                                      8  mushrooms
                                                                 1 glass of pinot grigio
                                                                      1 cup of cream   
                                                             any dried/fresh Italian herbs
                                                                  ground black pepper
                                                                   1 large garlic clove
grill sausages & chop up move to a frying pan add tomatoes (half chopped) & peppers, mushrooms & spring onions, add herbs & black pepper. Once cooked through add crushed garlic clove & cook for further 2 minutes, add wine & simmer for 10 minutes, add cream & simmer for further 10 minutes add your favourite cooked pasta & sprinkle with parmesan

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Carol said...

Yummy, this looks very nice and we can't wait to try it when we visit you soon. Nanny and Poppy. xxxx