Monday, May 28, 2012

weekend iphone happy snaps.....

Strawberry cheeks.....

16 months...

My studious little ray of sunshine is now 16 months...and amazes me each day with her development & milestones...her list of new words is growing each day & her favourite this week is elbow! so we now are saying mumma,dad, woof, neigh, moo, oo.oo.oo (a monkey) fire engine noises, bath, drink, eat, bottle, dodo, nana, Ella, mouth, eye,ear, hair, head, hand, foot, teeth, toes, belly, back, elbow, knee, leg, hi, bye,swim,swing, Giraffe, birdy, flower, ta, kiss, hug to name a few  & Understanding many more! & I could not be prouder...Although along with 16 months there is more tantrums & I expect as we get closer to two these will increase!! xxx 

Virgin Mojito

While in Mexico I was indulging on Virgin Mojito delicious refreshing lime & mint delights...I did find this recipe on returning home but sadly it wasn't quite the same although I didn't have any cane sugar so maybe that's why? Here is the recipe I tried
Makes a 12 oz cup
  • 2 teaspoons sugar
  • 1/2 of one lime, cut into pieces (This is more lime than a normal mojito to make up for the lack of rum.)
  • 6 good size mint leaves
  • ice
  • club soda

Put the lime, mint, and sugar in a glass and muddle.
Fill cup with ice about 3/4 full.
Top off with club soda.
Stir with a spoon.
Garnish with fresh sugar cane if you can get some.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Friday, May 18, 2012

Patterned 1950 Style Shorts

I`m loving the new 1950 style patterned shorts trend..Unfortunately I won`t have my pre pregnancy body back in time for this summer so I may have to wait till next year! here are some of my favourites...

This year for Mothers Day my husband bought me an iphone 4s which Im totally loving...I am possibly the last person to get one & can`t believe how fantastic it is & Im totally loving all the fab apps & of course Siri! More to come soon when I start my iphone snapshots :) Now to choose a case!! 

Favourite pics of mine for mummies day...

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Fun times in Mexico.....

For a while now we were considering a babymoon...a small vacation while it is just the three of us and our time was limited as I'm already 30 we finally decided on Mexico & had a fabulous time. We had previously Traveled with Isabella to Australia & Ireland but this time with a three hour flight we were both thinking this flight would be a breeze! (not to be the case) This time Isabella had problems with her ears not popping as we landed & it so upsetting to see her screaming in so much pain...We both felt so helpless...we had tried everything...she had a bottle, dummy/pacifier but nothing seemed to work but after we had arrived & departed the airport she returned to her normal happy self & we could relax into Mexico mode. With gorgeous 30 degree temps & the most amazing resort it such an amazing holiday & so child friendly it was fantastic. The kids club had a dolls room, A Fisher Price room, mini gym, Arts & Crafts room, theatre, nap room, games room & babysitting services. All the restaurants had toys & high chairs, & a toy lending service. The Pools & gardens were immaculate & all the staff were great I highly recommend this resort if you have young children. here are a few holiday snaps..

Kisses for mama...

My gorgeous Mothers Day Card made at Kids Club...

Enjoying our mid day rest in the much needed air con.

The Great Challenge Ahead..