Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Queen Street West Stroll...

The Blossoms are here!

Every year for just about a week the Sakura Cherry Blossoms bloom it is truly a magnificent site & one that I treasure...This year Isabella came too & we had a mini photo shoot under the blossom trees...she was such a star!

These photos were taken on dusk but I cant remember the setting...I remember at the time when I viewed my pictures I was not happy!!! But now I actually like the mixed blue hues & the distorted flower images.

A Present for Rex...

We are going back to Australia in June for a brief 2 week visit to introduce Isabella to the family so I went shopping today for my nana's dog Rex in Bark & Fitz. Its such a great shop I love it & if I had a dog I would love it even more since we don't have any pets I'm spoiling Rex & bought him a cute new collar & Maple leaf dog scarf! Check it out..

My Flying Nun

A summer hat I made for my Isabella which is a little too big & reminds a little of the flying nun!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My First Canadian Mothers Day

Leonidas Chocolates!

My amazing breakfast!

English asparagus with a soft egg in crisp breadcrumbs, hollandaise and fine herbs

Find it here...
My gorgeous Mothers Day Gifts!!! Yay!!! I love Amy Butler & I can't wait to get stuck in & make some of fab bags!!

A Happy Happy baby....

Toronto Islands in Spring....

On a fabulous warm spring day we caught the ferry to Toronto Islands...& it was such a glorious day! Lake Ontario is so peaceful & serene...... An expanse of clear sky & calm sea.