Sunday, June 10, 2012

Audiogram time...

Tomorrow we are off to the audiologist once again to monitor Isabellas hearing loss & hopefully to get  some clear results. Every 3 months we have a hearing test called that trains young children to look at something (like a toy or light) when they make a sound. This test is usually used with children 6 months to 2 1/2 years old. Unfortunately if the child has a cold or is restless it may be difficult to obtain results as in our last test it showed her hearing had deteriorated slightly this is devestating to hear & we still do not now if this is a progressive loss so we just have to wait & see.I have attached a link from which gives an example of what a child is hearing with the different types of hearing loss
It is interesting to listen to the examples provided. We will also be getting new moulds tomorrow which is not a fun experience as the ears grow so quickly..these need changing about every 3 months but less as she gets older. This will be our 3rd pair since Isabella was 9 months (when she received her first pair of hearing aids). 
I am really pleased to say now at 16 months Isabella has started attempting to put in the hearing aids once she pulls them out which is great as for a while we had a lot of problems keeping them we are delighted with the new development! & she loves saying ear so maybe  she is learning that the hearing aids are helping her?
Earmoulds come in many different colours so for tomorrow we may just have to order the pink glitter moulds.


Shade of Whim said...

I hope Isabella's appointment goes well?!
That's great to hear she was able to put the hearing aid back in. She is such a gorgeous little girl - that's a beautiful pic you attached.
Also, those coloured ear molds are fun!! Never new there were so many options. said...

Thankyou kindly for your lovely comments..It's great to have many colour options available especially as she gets older.I adore your blog & plan to try the blueberry cheesecake bars very soon, they look amazing!! :)