Sunday, June 24, 2012

Niagara on the Lake

We are blessed to have amazing neighbours & having no family here they are always available to babysit & lend a helping hand &  This weekend gave us an incredible gift of a night away! in Niagara on the lake.The first night that we have left our Isabella. Our First night away!! in 17 months....It was so strange not to get up for a bottle &  to be able to enjoy a meal with no little person throwing peas & carrots on the floor, no nappies, no tantrums, & no  big smiles & no sweet high pitched "Hi" greeting us in the morning,we missed her immensely but it was a relief to know she had been a good girl & even  slept through the night! Here are a few snaps from Niagara On the Lake.

sweet delights from

Lavender Ice-Cream from
Queens Antiques Store...Where I picked up a baby rocking chair  for Isabella,  a boat & some sweet crocheted lace trim.

I looove Lavender & I'm so happy we had time to visit this quaint little farm & Greenhouse.

My lace trim I think I will add to a blouse.
Counting Toes with mummy & daddy after our night away

My new rocking chair!!

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