Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lazy Sunday in the Park....

God made Uncles...

God knew the need for someone
To add humor to our hearts.
Someone who would spice
Our lives with laughter and mischief.
Someone we could run to
For special comfort and friendship;
Someone whose life would
Touch ours in a
Hundred different ways...
So He made Uncles.
(unknown author)

Four Generations....

Meeting Nana D for the first time! I have such fond memories on growing up & spending afternoons with my nan & pop...swimming in their pool after school..watching my pop garden & he would give me baby carrots fresh from his garden..sitting in the front garden with the glorious wall of poppies! & watching videos for the very first time when they were the first in my family to buy a vhs...& laughing hysterically at fast forwarding & rewinding movies! So it was very special for me to introduce Isabella to My Nan.

Four Generations!!

Airport reunion......

Our gorgeous girl meeting her poppy for the first time..I find all airport reunions emotional but this one was particularly teary but oh so happy!! Isabella was amazing on the flight over & it seemed to go so much quicker with a baby....It was such a happy time as it was the first time my dad got to meet her and as you can see by these pictures she loves her nanny & poppy very much!

Oh Poppy!!! Its so great to finally meet you!!!