Sunday, September 19, 2010

Passion for Peonies

My most favourite flower is the Peony.......I this flower its such a beautiful & romantic flower 

Happy Little Vegemite

Ever since leaving Australia in 2007 I have been missing my daily dose of Vegemite a yeast spread delicious on toast with melted butter, luckily my mum helps with the cravings by sending a supply to me. Vegemite Discovery: Ever since World War ll Australian troops have depended on Vegemite for a taste of home. Vegemite dates back to 1922 when a chemist developed a spread from one of the richest known natural sources of the vitamin B group - Brewers Yeast. Australian doctors started recommending Vegemite as a convenient source of vitamin B after it was approved by the British Medical Association in 1939    

Freshly Baked Lemon Tea Cake

A favourite Sunday afternoon tea snack Lemon Cake! Delicious with a strong cup of tea

First attempt at making a baby's quilt

My First attempt at making a baby's quilt with a mixture of scrap materials (Yet to be finished). I was trying to use a mixture of pinks & blues as we are not finding out if we are having a pink or blue bundle of joy but only 16 weeks left until we meet our little baby....So Excited! I used Amy Butler & Anna Maria Horner's fabulous fabrics collections. I find their websites so inspiring & can spend hours admiring their amazing websites &