Monday, March 19, 2012

Useful Apps for learning to listen to sounds.

Living in Canada we are lucky enough to have access to weekly visits from a specialist teacher of the deaf & hard of hearing, a home visiting program ran by the provincial schools & ministry of Education. This is to assist Isabella with her hearing loss & is an early intervention program with a focus on communication & language development.

Here are some useful audiology based apps we were provided with from our lovely teacher Kate.
  • UE SPL: Has a meter that measures volume 
  • uHear by Unitron; measuring hearing sensitivity (as well as an app is capable of), hearing in noise & creates a profile
  • earMeter: measures hearing sensitivity, describes frequencies, ear anatomy, and describes hearing in animal species
  • Starkey HLS: hearing loss simulator with sample hearing loss profiles 
  • Ling 6: illustrations of Ling 6 sounds with a child producing the sounds

Apps with some of the learning to listen sounds

  • I Hear Ewe - animal sounds

  • Big Red Barn Sound Touch - pages of cartoon Illustrations - farm animals,birds,vehicles,musical instruments,things around the house. When you touch an illustration, you hear the sound and a photograph of the item pops up.

  •  Fred's Farm - shows single photo of a farm animal produces the sound when touched, this one is for the iPhone or iPod but can be used on iPad.
  • Sound Shaker - select type of sound animals, musical instruments,vehicles (as pictured below) 

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