Friday, December 24, 2010

The Eve of Christmas...

This Amazing window display is in The Hudson Bay in Queen Street Toronto the detail is exquisite & we spent Christmas Eve enjoying Toronto's Festive offerings such a great day and I got to take lots of photos to record our first Christmas in Toronto. My favourite photos are from The Ice Skating rink in Nathan Phillips Square if I wasn't 38 weeks pregnant I would love to be on that ice coming from Australia I have no clue how to ice skate but definitely will be giving it a go next winter!  And we finished the evening with a dinner Lobster & Steak combo from  the Keg with a delicious scallop & bacon starter with martini dipping sauce!

This year we are unable to travel back home to Cork Ireland or Sydney Australia to spend Christmas with our families as I'm 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow! so on the home front we have been doing lots of cooking and today Christmas Eve we will go into Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto to take some Christmas pictures and see the ice skating and Christmas decorations, and have a nice lunch. As my husband pointed out this is probably the last Christmas that we will ever spend alone just the two of us unless of course our baby comes today or tonight, so maybe we will get an early Christmas Present!....This picture above is one of my favourite cards we got from my husbands parents which is of Fitzgeralds Park in Cork in 1963.

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Carol said...

Wow, I love the card from Paddy and Margaret. And isn't the present we sent you lovely. I am so pleased as when you buy online from a million miles away, it is hard to tell from the picture what it is like. And a hand written card! This is my first Xmas ever that I have woken up in a house all by myself! But not for long!!! Have a wonderful first Xmas as husband and wife. We love you to bits. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx