Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hearing Updates

Hearing Updates....We recently had our routine 3 monthly Audiogram & were saddened to see that Isabella's hearing had decreased she now has moderate loss in her left & her right ear has decreased from Mild to Moderate-Severe we were always unsure if this was a progressive hearing loss & up until this point she had always had Mild hearing loss in the right ear & moderate in the left, Our Audiologist adjusted the Hearing aids to assist & we will be looking into Cochlear Implants if needed in the future.

Along with these results we also had an update on genetic testing which we had completed earlier this year to look for a possible cause & the results have come back with Pendred Sydnrome.                                                 
Pendred syndrome is a genetic disorder that causes early hearing loss in children. It also can affect the thyroid gland and sometimes may affect a person’s balance.

Children who are born with Pendred syndrome may begin to lose their hearing at birth or by the time they are three years old. The hearing loss is progressive, which means that a child will have less hearing over time. Some individuals may become totally deaf.

The loss of hearing often happens suddenly and in stages. We were completely devastated to hear our precious baby (big girl) may one day completely lose her hearing.

So our next step now is to visit our Ears Nose & Throat specialist to look at our options & how we can help to manage the progressive loss & learn more about the Cochlear Implant program.
Its been a stressful & sad few weeks but as always the love & happiness that shines from our gorgeous 19 month old helps us through, she is always smiling, laughing, singing & does not stop talking which is just wonderful! 
With Nanny & Poppy flying home we have been lucky to have them visiting for 6 weeks & its been fantastic having the help...They squeezed 12 months of Nanny & Poppy time in 6 weeks so lots of reading, park trips,playtime fun & lots of cuddles Its been wonderful & I can't imagine how great it would be to have grandparents close by so hopefully one day we will be closer to family.
Poppy cuddles
 It only seems like yesterday I was updating a post on Elodie's Birth & now our sweet Elodie is now 8 weeks old her hair getting lighter & much longer! & her eyes now following us with every move she is such a delight & even letting us sleep upto 5 hours a night such a good girl & Isabella is always there to give her the sweetest dainty little kiss on the top of her head:) Not having a sister myself I cannot wait to see the magical bond of sisterhood.

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