Monday, May 28, 2012

16 months...

My studious little ray of sunshine is now 16 months...and amazes me each day with her development & milestones...her list of new words is growing each day & her favourite this week is elbow! so we now are saying mumma,dad, woof, neigh, moo, oo.oo.oo (a monkey) fire engine noises, bath, drink, eat, bottle, dodo, nana, Ella, mouth, eye,ear, hair, head, hand, foot, teeth, toes, belly, back, elbow, knee, leg, hi, bye,swim,swing, Giraffe, birdy, flower, ta, kiss, hug to name a few  & Understanding many more! & I could not be prouder...Although along with 16 months there is more tantrums & I expect as we get closer to two these will increase!! xxx 

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