Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter Everyone!! This is my lovely easter cow :) Mandy Moo...I still have her left which if you knew me & Chocolate I'm sure you would be very surprised. This weekend has been a very relaxing one..Although now that I'm 6 months pregnant I'm finding it very difficult to sleep so last night in the wee hours of no sleep land..I started a quilt with loads of scrap fabric I had so much fun cutting & putting the colour's together I don't have a pattern so I'm not sure how it will turn out..I seen this book on amazon Create your own free form quilts  so I'm copying the technique from the front cover as It seems nice & quick, and I'm not a quilter & I really didn't want to measure my strips so I think Free Form quilts are best for at the moment I'm just sewing my strips together & will see how i go? I Will keep you updated on the process..I'm really loving all the colour's I wanted something nice & bright.
I'm loving Picasa for editing & having great fun creating new & funky pics.
Isabella's first easter...& what delight she had eating just a little bit of this easter egg.
Ok so here it is...the start of my scrap free form quilt. :)
Just had to throw this one in as a daily dose of cuteness.
My Favourite afternoon snack vegemite on toast with a strong cup of tea.
On Monday we attended an Early Years Centre which is a free playgroup held every week. It was very busy & full of kids & nannies & mums. There were so many activities, a craft table, playdoh table, toys,blocks, reading & other fantastic activities for babies to enjoy as this our first time in this location it took a little while to settle in. The echo's of children playing & laughter in the large room created a lot of background noise for Isabella to process with the hearing aids,but after a little while she settled in just fine & this was her first ever drawing for daddy  & after about 3 seconds of putting the texta/marker on paper it was straight into the mouth & a dark blue lips & tongue followed by a huge tantrum..when mummy took it off her!
some new additions for mollie maple..

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Carol said...

oooohhhh, I do love the book on Amazon! I think the quilt you are making will look amazing. You will love all the fabric I have here at home, some of it Val and I hand dyed it years ago. Looks like Isabella had a lot of fun and loved her easter egg. Lots of love - Nanny Carol xxxx