Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Where have we been lately?

September has been a very busy time for us with lots of highs & lows...so all of the post I'm updating today are from September, we have had  our great friends visit from Ireland with their little boy who is just a few weeks older than Isabella so we had great fun with the bubba's getting to know one another from screaming matches, hair pulling, toe eating, to finally being able to play with each other. Its so interesting watching their interactions progress. We had so much fun & will be visiting Ireland in December so really looking forward to more play dates. We also found that Isabella has a mild to moderate hearing loss in both ears, the loss had been picked up from her infant hearing screening at birth....so in September the day finally came to have her hearing aids fitted so we are now adjusting to our daily routine & we are now at the stage where everything is going into her mouth...including the hearing aids...!!!! so its a very busy time! It was fascinating to see her react to construction noises, traffic, sounds of birds whistling the first time we ventured outside her face lit up & she was so excited to hear these brilliant everyday sounds that we take for granted...so its all a learning experience but we seem to be adjusting very well. September was also a surprise visit from my mum & dad! so that was lovely too & great to have family love & support.

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