Thursday, August 18, 2011

a little bit of lately...

This dress is just adorable...and a new winter hat for Miss Isabella x
Sweet Cupcake hairclips..

my Christmas list...I'm starting early & the list is growing daily but I'm possibly the last person on Earth not to own an iphone...I don't really need one its just I love all the apps & truly believe I will be more organised with one! Well that's what I'm telling my husband....anyway.
Gorgeous new hair clips for Isabella from Emma Lees Boutique on Etsy
Isabella's new autumn...winter wardrobe is starting to take place...I love shopping for baby girls clothes!!! more to come soon!

My fresh new Lemon Topiary from Write Impressions...brings a little sunshine to my table

My morning staple: crumpets with Cherry Jam......

My Lounge room is full of love......a purchase made from my local Oddjects shop I absolutely adore this shop.
Isabella chatting with Nanny international online Au Pair

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