Friday, February 4, 2011

Nanny Carol arrives to meet Baby Isabella....

My super warm two in one hat which converts into a scarf! Thanks mum I love it & as you can she below she is in the process of making me a second....The red one is made from Alpaca wool & is knitted double so is extra warm for these Brisk  Canadian days we are having.

My mum arrived two days after the birth of Isabella..Its been so wonderful having her here & I'm so lucky with all her help since we have no other family in Canada she made the trip from Australia to help out & meet her new delightful grand daughter. Its so lovely just relaxing at home & listening to French Music...sipping Vanilla coffees...taking fabulous pics of Isabella and enjoying mums company while she is knitting  amazing scarves & hats for these crazy winter storms we are having...she has adjusted to the winter temps considering she left Australian temps in mid summer of 38 degrees and has come to - 15!! temps.....and has her first ever snow boots and snow jacket.

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